• How long are the lessons?

    Our swimming lessons last for 30 minutes (with the exception of the Advanced class which is 40 minutes).
  • Do I have to stay at the pool while my child is having their lesson?

    Yes. We ask that parents/carers stay for the duration of the lesson.
  • Can I watch my child’s lesson?

    Yes. We feel that it is beneficial for parents/guardians to watch their child’s lessons from week to week so they can see what their child is learning and celebrate in their successes as they go and also note any areas where their child may benefit from a little extra encouragement. We do however ask that you please be aware that noise is kept to a minimum and any children watching are kept close to you at all times.
  • What if my child is ill or has been ill?

    Children should not swim if they have any infectious illnesses such as diarrhoea, sickness, conjunctivitis or a heavy cold. If you or your child has suffered from a stomach bug or virus, please refrain from swimming for two days after the first solid movement. If Cryptosporidium is diagnosed do not swim for 14 days after diarrhoea has stopped.
  • How many children are in a class?

    At The Wendover Pool we have no more than six children per class and no more than eight in the advanced classes. At the Tylers Green Pool we have no more than four children per class; this is due to the size of the pool.
  • Goggles ….to wear or not to wear?

    We encourage children not wear goggles at the ‘learn to swim stages’ as it is vital that they are happy with water on their faces and being splashed. This is in-line with recommendations from Swim England. Once they are comfortable with their face in the water then we introduce goggles for fun underwater activities. Once your child is swimming confidently out of their depth then we encourage goggles to be worn during their lesson. If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to speak with us.
  • Should my child wear a swimming hat?

    We feel it is beneficial for your child to wear a swimming hat especially if they have long hair. Swimming hats prevent hair from getting in your child's eyes and disrupting their swimming.