We are delighted to share some of the kind words our customers have said about our lessons and we hope to have the opportunity to teach you or your child(ren).  Pease don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.


“My son Harry has been swimming with Stephanie Reid for over 2 years now and his swimming skills have vastly improved, as has his water confidence, which was a particular issue for him. Stephanie and her team have excellent teaching skills and everyone is developed at their own pace, which is so important. Harry really enjoys his weekly lessons as does his little sister Sophie who has also just joined”.

Emma Child


“Stephanie and her team have been teaching my two boys for a few years now and in that time I’ve seen both their confidence and skills come on tremendously. They are both so comfortable in water and swimming is by far my youngest’s favourite activity. And that is thanks to these fab teachers! They are also taught about water safety and how to act/behave around water, another great element of the classes”.



“Aqua Dragons are an absolutely wonderful swim school. My son had lost all his confidence in the pool, and having tried a couple of other swim schools I was at a loss with what to do, which is luckily when we found Aqua Dragons. Stephanie and Kelly have been amazing, knowing exactly what to do to encourage and support my son, boosting his confidence and building on his skills each week. Swimming lessons are now his favourite out-of-school activity and he is doing brilliantly. I can’t believe how far we have come in such a short space of time! Aqua Dragons have gone above and beyond my expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone and everyone!”

Janine Wagner-Hale, mum to Elliott and Reuben


“I have 3 children who all swim with Stephanie and Kelly.  I started lessons with them as I felt my older two had stopped making progress in their current lessons and also did not seem to be particularly enjoying them.  I was so glad that we did make the move.  They were instantly more engaged in their new lessons and they now really look forward to them.  Their swimming itself has progressed massively, and I feel they have been taught in a much more straightforward and clear manner.  My youngest had never been in the water without a parent and was a bit nervous at first. Steph was really patient and understanding with him.  He is now so much more confident and loves being in the water and coming to his lessons.  Lessons are a great combination of learning and fun and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone”.



“When my son and daughter started swimming lessons with Stephanie they were both very nervous of the water. Neither could swim and felt very scared.  My son has had two terms with Stephanie and he is already a confident swimmer without arm bands. He used to dread swimming lessons, he now counts down the days!  My daughter has only been swimming with Stephanie for a few weeks but the difference in her confidence is amazing. My eldest son could swim but lacked confidence and technique.  He is now doing brilliantly.  Thank you Stephanie for putting the fun back into their swimming”.



“Ethan has loved every minute of his swimming lessons and has come on in leaps and bounds over the past year. Couldn’t recommend Steph and her team highly enough!”


“My daughter has been swimming with Stephanie and her team for the past two years and absolutely loves it.  The groups are kept small so every child is active throughout the lesson. Every activity is carefully designed to help develop their skills and my daughter’s swimming and confidence in the water has improved immeasurably.”



“My son (9) was due to have swimming lessons at school so I wanted him to be confident in the water by that time. I was lucky to come across Steph who took the time to ask questions before deciding what kind of lessons would be right for him. He was very reluctant before he got in the pool, but Steph was absolutely brilliant at putting him at his ease. She doesn’t push him to progress too fast – everything is at his pace.   My son looks forward to every lesson and was well prepared by the time the school sessions came around. I think the outcome could have been very different if I’d chosen a different instructor. Steph’s a natural teacher and is clearly passionate about swimming and coaching. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!”



“I look forward to my lesson every Friday. It’s really fun and I feel much more confident in the water” – Elsie age 8

“Since I started swimming with Stephanie my strokes and stamina have really improved and I don’t worry about swimming long distances anymore” – Aaron age 10

“Stephanie is teaching me how to swim properly.  It’s helping me keep up with my kids!”-  Katie age 38


“Stephanie and her partners in crime, I say ‘crime’, as that is how good they are!  Both my children now aged 8 and 11, have been going to every lesson since we began a few years ago and have followed her to different parts of the ‘globe’ (Chesham, Tylers Green and Wendover), in order to be able to have lessons with her.  What can I say, they love Stephanie and her troupe, they love going to lessons on a Friday evening, they love the swimming, they love everything about it.  I cannot say anymore, then you would be silly not to try and book a lesson with this fantastic person.

Tracy, Owen and Lilly Davies


“I was introduced to Steph when I was training for my first triathlon at which point I could barely swim, so we have been working together for two years now. In that time, miraculously, she has gently persuaded me to let go of my fear of water and learn the basics of front crawl, breaststroke and backstroke and even accept her challenge of ‘surface diving’ which is still a bit difficult for me, but I have a go! The group lessons I go to with two other girls are great fun and very personalised – we always enjoy them because Steph is endlessly patient and encourages us without over-reaching, is as delighted at our small successes as we are and always has varied, fun and interesting ways of helping us learn – then we look back over the term and realise that suddenly, magically, and almost without trying we have become proper swimmers. And yes, with Steph’s help I even conquered open water swimming and somehow did that triathlon!”.



“I have avoided Swimming Pools and anything ‘Swimming related’ following a swimming pool incident as a child some 30 years ago. (Getting out of my Depth unintentionally… and then the panic set in!).   Following the arrival of my Son, I felt I needed to learn to Swim, as I do not want to pass on my ‘hesitation’ of Swimming/Swimming Pools to him!!  So in the Summer of 2015 I arranged a block of lessons with Stephanie.  Stephanie has been fantastic in helping me to overcome my total dislike of Swimming and takes every lesson at a pace that I’m comfortable with, yet at the same time….and, ever so gently, pushes  to enable constant progress with every lesson!  Stephanie has a great knack at explaining everything ‘Watery’ and breaks the lesson down into a very easy to understand format.  I now approach lessons with a different view of the Pool….. and being out of my depth is no longer such a trauma.  I highly recommend Stephanie to any Adult of ANY age looking to learn to Swim! It’s never too late. You won’t regret it, and day you Swim your first length, I’m sure you’ll walk away from the Pool with a huge grin on your face …….. I did!”

Sean G.


“My boys love learning to swim with Stephanie. From the outset she makes sure that each child is in the right class for their ability, and she works hard, constantly checking to ensure that the lessons are always pitched at their ability.  One of my sons has special needs and I wasn’t sure that he’d be able to cope with swimming lessons, but every instructor in Stephanie’s team is calm, positive and in control of their lesson – so he has fun, but also feels safe.  Now swimming is one of his favourite things and he is progressing well at his own pace.  I felt guilty that I’d left it quite late to teach my children to swim, but Stephanie made me feel at ease straight away and now they are catching up and really enjoying their lessons. I am delighted with their progress and I especially like seeing how much they get out of it. Even on a Friday night, when they are tired from a week at school, they are always excited about going to their lesson”.


“Steph and her team have a real passion for teaching people how to swim and this really comes through when she is teaching William. He has gone from dreading swimming at a previous school, to looking forward to his weekly lessons and becoming a keen swimmer.”